10 frame manipulatives

Erin Rankin shared this idea 18 months ago

We could really use 10-frames that could be added as a tool and manipulated rather than the one activity that only allows you to build numbers 1-10 using a ten frame. For instance, in 1st grade, students need to be able to look at many groups of ten and write equations to show the sum. I wish I could use ten frames to do that.

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Thank you so much for posting this idea!

Would you (or anyone) have any specific examples for this?

Or perhaps would you prefer our help by adding separate images in an image database or "library"? Because maybe that's something we can help you with. Such as images of a 10-frame (or multiple variaties of 10-frames) with separate items (for instance like we do with the separate coins in our money tools) which you can place and drag. That way you would be able to create your own activity or lesson with that.

Please let us know if this is something we can help you with, or provide us with some additional examples.

We're very interested in your input!



Hi Nidia,

I think that adding separate images in a database would be very helpful! If you had images for #'s 1-10 on a ten-frame, teachers could place and drag them to create all kinds of math problems! Thank you for your help!


Hi Erin,

Thank you for your reaction!

I'll forward this feedback to my content manager, so that he can review what might be possible.

Cheers, Nidia


Hello Erin,

I'm happy to inform you that we have created the following lesson plan:


Please let us know if this is what you had in mind or if you have any feedback on the lesson.

We also want to let you know that we have now added the "10 frame manipulatives" in the Gynzy Library for you to use.

We'd love to hear your reaction!