Picwriting. A Short Story tool based on pictures

Guest shared this idea 18 months ago

Writing seems to be an area where kids need the most encouragement. A section of posted pictures students could add text to would be great or a section where they could upload a series of their own pictures and add text....

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Thank you for posting this idea!

Gynzy actually already has a tool that seems to apply to your topic: https://api.gynzy.com/en/#!/items/language/visual-writing-prompts/16/2841

This is a tool called Story Starters.

Please try it out and let us know if this is what you has in mind!

Cheers, Nidia


It would nice if the pictures were not so "fantastical". There were a couple of pictures that were realistic, but the majority were not. Realistic pictures would work well for building oral language lessons around.